Synthesis of 6-cholorpterin

Posted May 7th, 2010 at 2:37 pm.

Candacia Greeman

Mentor: Dr. Sharon Burgmayer

Molybdenum is a metallic trace element that is important for the proper functioning of most living organisms. A lack of molybdenum enzymes in humans can lead to several health problems. Molybdopterin, a dithiolene organic complex couples with molybdenum to form the Molybdenum Cofactor. Analyses of the formation of molybdopterin through the synthesis of models, improves the possibility of understanding how the cofactor works.

During my summer research, I will be working with Mica Grantham and Shadia Bel Hamdounia to begin the synthesis of molybdopterin. I will be completing the first five steps of an eight-step process repeatedly, so as to maximize yield in synthesizing the pterin. My project will be to synthesize 2-amino-3-cyanopyrazine-1-oxide and use this product to form 6-chloropterin.

I plan to gain experience and efficiency in the formation of 6-chloropterin, by the end of my summer research project so as to develop a sizable amount to be used for future steps in the molybdopterin synthesis.

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