Monitoring Bryn Mawr College’s Waterways: Using Technology To Teach About The Environment

Posted May 10th, 2010 at 11:59 am.

Evan Pugh

Mentor: Blythe Hoyle and Don Barber

This summer I am monitoring the water quality in BMC’s Rhoads Pond and its discharge into neighboring Mill Creek. While monitoring BMC’s waterways has little relevance in the greater scheme of things, I see infinite potential in such a small water system’s ability to teach about the macrocosm of environmental cycles. Using an ion chromatograph and various sensors, I am analyzing the chemical/physical properties of the water at five temporally and spatially-discreet locations. I am in the process of requesting funds to purchase data logging equipment to monitor the waterways with greater resolution. Kaitlin Friedman BMC ’07 will be helping me examine the pond water over the course of the summer with a focus on creating a kid-friendly teaching plan to accompany our results. To aid this process, I am creating the Bryn Mawr College Environmental Database (BMCED) on the national geology GEON computers to serve as an educational tool. BMCED will allow visitors to create dynamic graphs of the data Kaitlin and I are compiling this summer as well as data gathered in the past (and hopefully in the future) by introductory geology classes. If the database is successful and used in future years, a truly robust and educationally useful dataset about BMC’s waterway can be produced.

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