Alexandra Funk in 2009

Posted May 12th, 2010 at 3:41 pm.

Alexandra Funk

Mentor: Dr. Doug Blank

Human-robot interaction (HRI) is the study of interactions between robots and people. The underlying goal of HRI is to develop principles and algorithms to allow more natural and effective interaction and communication between humans and robots. HRI has been and will be applied to many fields including law enforcement, entertainment, scientific exploration, hospital care, search and rescue, and military battle. In many cases, a robot becomes more than a tool, instead serving as almost another member of the team. Thus, these robots must not only coordinate their behavior with the requirements and expectations of human team members, but must also be able to integrate their tasks with those of their human counterparts. Using HRI and computer vision, the science and technology of machines that see, I will develop a facial recognition algorithm that can be used to create “eye contact” between a robot and a human being. Facial recognition technology is applicable to a plethora of problems facing the world today. Specifically, it has contributed a great deal to the areas of surveillance and security. In researching HCI I want to gain insight into the weaknesses of current facial recognition systems and perhaps develop some theories for improving current research.

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