Katie Solook in 2009

Posted May 12th, 2010 at 5:08 pm.

Katie Solook
Psychology Department
Mentor: Dr. Anjali Thapar

Noting that there is a difference between young adults’ and older adults’ memory is not surprising information. Previous research has found that memory not only deteriorates with age, but that there are other differences in the application of memory between young and older adults. In recall and recognition word tasks, older adults tend to not use specific strategies to assist in memory of word lists, unlike young adults. With this study, young adults (18-25 year olds) and older adults (60-90 year olds) will be given specific strategies aimed to aid their memory of word lists. After first pre-testing their ability for recall or recognition of word lists, participants will be given four different strategies (using images, creating sentences, creating a story, and a multiple strategy approach) for assisting in word recall/recognition. The evaluation of word recall/recognition will be evaluated through comparing performance in the first session, before participants were given the strategies, and the performance in the tenth session, after they had received the strategies and have had time to practice the application in other sessions. Using a similar experimental design of a past study that only contained eight sessions for participants, this study hopes to lessen the difference between the two subjects groups through the instruction in strategy usage as well as explore if the strategy effects can be carried to other cognitions other than memory.

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