Sophia Wolfenden in 2009

Posted May 12th, 2010 at 4:56 pm.

Sophia Wolfenden

Mentor: Dr. Pedro Marenco

For my summer research, I chose to analyze the shells of bivalve and other mollusca genera from the Near Eastern archaeological site of Muweilah, UAE. In order to determine the provenience of the shells found at the site of Muweilah, and specifically those found within the interior spaces of the site, it was necessary to undertake a series of dating techniques including stratigraphic dating, carbon isotope analysis and shell classifications through direct study of geographically similar collections. From this research the age and potentially, the location of origin of these shells can be determined and classified. Such research regarding the geological availabilities on hand in the region during the late Bronze age is useful when determining the likelihood of ecological and resource management practices of the early settlers.

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