Brain, Social Organization and Culture

Posted June 22nd, 2010 at 2:10 pm.

Abstract: Jessica Watkins
Mentor: Dr. Grobstein
Through the lens of psychology and neurobiology I will investigate the relationship between individual learning and social/cultural interaction, particularly having to deal with science education. Questions raised about the effectiveness of unconscious versus conscious learning will also be explored, as well as the danger of culture inhibiting people’s willingness to share their differences and act individually.

These questions will be investigated by a combination of reading, modeling and creating materials for the Serendip website. Reactions to these materials, which will be tested at the Summer Institute for K-12 Teachers, will in turn provide for the grist for focusing on ways in which education can be improved and developed through the use of inquiry-based teaching.

I will prepare a final paper at the end of the summer summarizing my work.This and other materials will appear on Serendip and contribute to future explorations of topics such as culture, science and education.

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