Math and Sustainability: GREEN Analysis of Bryn Mawr’s Campus and Beyond

Posted June 22nd, 2010 at 3:04 pm.

Abstract: Kathryn Link and Yufan Wang
Mentor: Dr. Donnay
With the current rise in more efficient LED lighting alternatives, many institutions, businesses, and residencies have found it both economically and environmentally beneficial to utilize LED lighting replacements. Our summer research is in the area of applied mathematics in environmental issues, and is primarily focusing on the LED lighting replacement at Bryn Mawr’s campus. As part of the effort of the college’s mission to reduce carbon emission by 10% in the next ten years, the LED lighting will reduce the carbon footprint as it conserves electricity. We will complete a lighting analysis of all buildings on campus. This analysis entails the calculation of the return on investment and carbon emission savings for the lighting in each building. This information will be used for making suggestions and conducting a multiple building comparison. We hope to complete the comparison by the end of the research term and present our findings to the college administration for review.

Beyond the borders of Bryn Mawr, the Haverford Township Recreation & Environmental Center (HREC) has recently approved the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system. We, along with Prof. Victor Donnay and the Director of Parks and Recreation Tim Denny, will write an application for the DEP Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority Grant. The grant will provide half of the funds necessary for its completion. Our specific role in this process entails completing the carbon emission, energy, and cost savings calculations.

Aside from these standard analyses, we are also interested in ways to incorporate sustainability concepts into education. We will explore multiple textbooks, websites, and articles that utilize these concepts to reinforce the main subject matter highlighted, specifically dynamical systems. Overall, we will gain a better understanding of environmental sustainability and its presence in multiple mediums.

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