Open-Ended Co-construction as an Alternative Educational Approach

Posted June 23rd, 2010 at 11:59 am.

Abstract: Jenna Pfeiffer
Mentor: Dr. Grobstein
Most of my own educational experiences to date have been of the more traditional sort, and I will use these, supplemented by experiences of colleagues and others available on the web to assess the pros and cons of less interactive educational approaches. My summer research experience with Paul Grobstein, Wil Franklin, and two other students is itself an exercise in “Open-Ended Co-construction” with education, the brain, and culture as a theme. Part of our work is to prepare curricula and materials for a three- week workshop on this theme for K-12 teachers that will itself be conducted in an open-ended co-constructive mode. I will use our research group’s experiences and those with the summer institute as the basis for my evaluation of the less traditional teaching modes, supplementing this with relevant materials on the web.

The results of my work will be made available on the Serendip website as a contribution to continuing exploration of effective forms of educational practice.

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