Modeling Epidemics with Network Theory

Posted July 13th, 2011 at 7:44 pm.

Abstract: Emily Levine

Mentor: Deepak Kumar

Science of Information focuses on the occurrence, transmission, processing, management, and usage of information across a wide range of disciplines such as physics, computer science, social sciences and life sciences. Aspects of Science of Information involve studying the spread or pattern of information within a network, or, along connections within a system of interrelated components. Modern network theory aids in understanding these systems using computational models.

I am researching epidemics using networks. From this perspective, Epidemics is the study of the spread of “disease” over networks (including both human diseases and computer viruses). I will attend the Center for Science of Information summer school at Purdue University from May 24th-27th. I will build on my understanding of Science of Information from the summer school by studying network theory in detail as well as specifically researching epidemic networks. At the same time, I will model epidemic networks in various programming languages, like Python and NetLogo, and with software like SciPy and Gephi.

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