Waveguide Fabrication for Magnetic Bubble Dynamics

Posted July 25th, 2011 at 6:57 pm.

Abstract: Ana Cordova

Mentor: Xuemei Cheng

The Magnetic Bubble state in magnetic nanodisks with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy is an interesting subject matter of nanomagnetism not only because of the fundamental physics that this system holds but also because of its potential applications in efficient data storage. The magnetic bubble state consists of a circular domain wall that separates the nanodisk into two magnetic domains of opposite out-of-plane magnetizations. To study the spin dynamics of the magnetic bubble state, nanodisks with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy must be patterned on a gold waveguide, which would then be fabricated on a high-resistivity silicon wafer. We will fabricate the gold waveguides using photolithography, sputtering, and lift-off techniques. My long-term goal will be to fabricate the waveguide on a gold-film of a high-resistivity silicon wafer that would provide a pulsed magnetic field suitable for time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy imaging.

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