Summer Science Research at Bryn Mawr

'Xu, Dr. Dianna' Archive

Creating Vizualizations Using Processing

Posted June 25, 2010

This summer I will explore different ways to create visualizations using Processing as well as explore the role of algorithms in creative media.

What is Art?

Posted June 24, 2010

My work this summer will explore what can be done in art with Processing. Using this environment I will create a series of abstract works with code. There are many different ways in which to represent a single object in traditional art forms, likewise in Processing. Through my series, I will explore all the techniques of representation that Processing is capable of. I will produce a set of works that represent this single object in various ways. Through my processes I will be considering what this type of art means and I will be exploring answers to the questions above. I am approaching this project and these questions from an artistic standpoint, and so it will be very interesting for me to work towards an artwork through this different form of representation.

Creating a Virtual World for the Visualization of Data

Posted May 12, 2010

The human brain is highly skilled at visual pattern recognition; for example, a pie chart is often much easier to comprehend than a list of numbers. Our research builds on this fact to develop a new method of visualizing data through the creation of 3D virtual organisms called protobytes, which will reside in a virtual ecosystem. The base code of the protobytes would be able to take in data, irrespective of the source or type, and create aesthetically pleasing organisms to represent the data. The changes in the lifestyle and health of the protobytes will represent alterations that have been made in the data and/or possibly in the ecosystem.

Working in conjunction with Professor Ira Greenberg of Miami University, our research aims to create a 3D creature, modeled after Greenberg’s own 2D protobytes, using Java 3D and Greenberg’s Processing software.