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Modeling the ecological niche: Influences of spatial resolution and fractal dimension of the landscape on thermal opportunity

Posted August 4, 2011

Abstract: Congwen Wang Mentor: Micheal W. Sears Species distribution models are often based on data with a spatial resolution that is much larger than the actual environments that individual organisms experience. Further, these models assume that all habitats within a spatial unit are homogeneous. Both of these assumptions are potentially problematic, yet these models are […]

Characterizing the Thermal Tolerance of Tribolium Castaneum

Posted June 24, 2010

Our research focuses on developing behavioral assays to characterize the thermal tolerances of individual beetles. Development of these assays will allow us to estimate the genetic basis (heritability) for thermal tolerances in a baseline population of beetles to be used in subsequent artificial selection experiments. Knowledge gained from these experiments will provide a basis to predict how populations might adapt to changing temperatures in nature, thereby playing an important role in understanding the impacts of climate change on organisms.