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Summer Research Abstract: Molybdenum Pterin Dithiolene Chemistry

Posted July 26, 2011

Abstract: Yichun Fu Mentor: Dr. Sharon Burgmayer The pterin dithiolene ligand plays an important role in the biochemical functions of the molybdenum cofactor due to its ability to transfer electrons and store charges. The pterin-dithiolene molybdenum complex, has various redox paths that contribute to its multiple functions for the enzyme. Studying the forms and interchange […]

Synthesizing and Modeling the Molybdenum Cofactor

Posted June 24, 2010

Molybdenum is a 4d transition metal. It has crucial biological functions in many enzymes. Despite the differences among the Mo-containing enzymes, they all have a Molybdenum cofactor named as Moco, which promotes the catalytic activities of an enzyme. The Moco utilizes a dithiolene ligand, Molybdopterin. The Burgmayer group conducted successful research to synthesize Molybdopterin via two pathways, using tetrasulfide and pterinyl alkynes.